Slammed Society Japan


It’s been a while since we’ve updated the DR blog.  If you haven’t noticed by now, the DOHCresearch Facebook page has been blowing up with coverage from the past Slammed Society show.  I know it’s a little different from what we normally do, but it seems to be a lot more effective in getting our viewers to appreciate every photo we put out.  In the past we used to dump hundreds of photos into one featured post on our website, only to make viewers frustrated and bored from scrolling through all of the photos and skipping over many that we hoped people would pay more attention to.  Well it’s safe to say we’re getting with the times and keeping it “blog” style in order to release consistent, quality coverage from wherever we are.  Below are a bunch of shots that we’ve already threw up on our Facebook page, including additional shots of each car.  The photo quality on Facebook of course isn’t the best, so please enjoy these photos in all its full resolution glory.

Many of our viewers really liked this Civic. I wasn’t expecting to get the feedback we did as it definitely has an old-school flavor to it, back in the “Fast and the Furious” days. The owner definitely kept up with the times as he slammed it with great fitting wheels. A lot of people have been asking what front kit this car is running, but there really is no information on it.


Oni-Camber is definitely a Japanese form of styling that many people won’t agree with. This Crown was one of the few that rolled up with demon-camber, slammed to perfection. It definitely won’t please everyone, but if you can get past the functionality issue and appreciate the amount of work the owner put into tuning his suspension to achieve this look, this car surpasses many others that I’ve seen in terms of this styling.




This was one of the cleanest MKII Golf builds I’ve ever seen. The wheel fitment was a bit extreme, but done to perfection.



Mitsumori-san’s Sprinter


One of my favorite Roadsters. It showed up last time at the previous Hellaflush show and drifted the S-turn on the way out. The sound of ITBs sound so good. Everything about this car is styled so well.

Caught this RE Amemiya widebody RX-7 rolling out from the Fuji Speedway grandstands in the afternoon.

Rocket Bunny S13

This red Celsior caught my eye during the roll-in for the show. Even if it wasn’t kitted, I was just amazed how clean this car looked. Perfect wheel fitment, clean bodywork on the fenders, BBK, etc.

One of the more wild Hachi’s at the show, neon orange barrels, but even crazier on a set of SSR Longchamp XR4 faces.


Caught this Corolla Wagon in on BBS LM’s, definitely a conflicting wheel choice for the car’s age, but still looks so good.

Dustin Delgado’s S15. Perfect fitment, amazing to see rolling around.